Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisal™

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Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisal™

A full appraisal isn’t always necessary to make an informed lending decision. Boost your bottom line without sacrificing report quality with Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisal™. Combining local appraiser expertise with an inspection provided by a professional real estate agent, it’s a fast, compliant, data-rich valuation solution designed for the cost conscious and streamlined home equity lending market. It can help keep your costs down, while also supporting your borrowers’ experience with fast turn times for a shorter lending process.

As always, you can rely on the quality that ISGN Solutions delivers. Our Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisals go through the same rigorous quality assurance process as our traditional valuation solutions, assuring that the reports we provide to you are the highest quality.

Local appraiser expertise


Valuation Advantage Desktop Appraisal offers:

  • Risk-based alert icons that provide at-a-glance identification of potential subject and market risks
  • Exterior inspection of subject and surrounding neighborhood
  • Comparable sales grid with line-item adjustments
  • MLS photos of the report comparables included for design, quality and appeal comparison
  • Overview of the competitive market, providing additional comparable sales and listings
  • Aerial imagery to identify externalities and neighborhood conformity
  • Detailed location maps with comparables and defined neighborhood boundaries